My Dog Crossed Over Today


Phaedra and Carol on the cranberry flats on Graham Lake I woke in a cold sweat because I heard Phaedra screaming downstairs. I threw off the covers and jumped out of bed and started running to the stairs.   Tom asked, “What?”   “Phaedra’s having a seizure!”   Tom was right behind me, barreling down […]

Mommy as Mummy

My mother in the ER--not happy (and YES, absolutely, she is going to kill me)

My 89-year-old mother, Louise Homstead Leonard McKinney, was showing some friends of hers our little camp at Bad Beaver when she fell and smashed her head against the woodstove. It was truly horrifying. She had a huge four-inch gash in her left temple. She kept saying, “I’m all right. I’m all right” as blood pooled […]

My Smelly Cannah

I have a wonderful, elderly woman, Mrs. Pinkham, who helps me clean my little seaside cottage every Saturday on Contention Cove in Surry. It’s a bit hectic because the turnover time between renters is only a couple of hours, so she is a godsend. Mrs. Pinkham is also adorable and is a wealth of pure […]