Goodbye from Bad Beaver!

Dearest Readers, I am saying goodbye to you all and ending my blog on the Bangor Daily News (for now)…it’s been a good run and a tremendous amount of FUN! I have enjoyed posting with the other BDN bloggers and I have learned a lot about the “blogosphere”—but I am coming out with a new book: Split Tales from Bad Beaver, Love and Life in Downeast Maine, so I am going to focus primarily on getting this book out for now.

I would like to especially thank Pattie Reaves, “BDN User Experience and Audience Manager” extraordianaire for her graciousness and patience with me—even when she had to (temporarily) kick me off the BDN for being too “graphic” and “lurid.” You rock Pattie!

I am proud to have been a BDN blogger. According to my “Jetpack,” I have had 41,500 views! (I didn’t even know what a “jetpack” was until I did this gig.) This makes me insanely happy.

So, look for my new book, coming soon! It will have many of these stories from Bad Beaver plus a continuation of our adventure with new ones.

Split Tales coverThank you for the wonderful experience, everyone! I will miss you. Xoxo Carol Leonard

Carol Leonard

About Carol Leonard

Carol Leonard is a midwife, a writer and a licensed beaver trapper. She was the first midwife licensed to practice legally in New Hampshire and has attended close to 1,200 babies born safely in their own homes. She was a co-founder of the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) representing all midwives in the US, Canada and Mexico. She was elected as the second president of MANA. Carol is the author of the best-selling memoir, Lady’s Hands, Lion’s Heart, A Midwife’s Saga, Bad Beaver Publishing, 2010. Carol is currently building a 400-acre farm in Ellsworth, Maine with her husband, Tom Lajoie. Her blog BAD BEAVER TALES: Love and Life in Downeast Maine, chronicles their informative and funny journey building their dream homestead on 400 acres of wilderness in Downeast Maine. Carol and Tom are also raising about a hundred beavers there that they argue about on a daily basis. These blog posts will be a collection of tales not just about Bad Beaver the place, but stories that meander around in her life, past and present—at the same time, Bad Beaver is where it all leads. As a writer friend says, “These stories from Bad Beaver are, at turns, brave, beautiful and just plain badass.”