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My Testimonial for the STAT-Pad

Photo #1...what happens when the midwives at Carol's birth center conduct a practice drill of a birth (there may have been wine involved)

I was sent some sample STAT-PADS to use in my birth center to see if I liked them well enough to replace our traditional Chux pads for deliveries. We had a young woman laboring in the birthing pool, so I opened a sample pad and placed it on the bed that I was readying for […]

A Scream in the Night

Carol with her parents, Louise and Parker Leonard of Brewer, Maine ~ circa 1950

I just heard a “vixen scream”, the sound of foxes mating outside my bedroom window. I am amazed, because even after a half century of knowing what this sound is, it still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and makes me hyper-alert. Now I know that when I hear that […]

The Wandering Nursing Pad

"Rhoda going home" This picture doesn't have anything to do with the following story, it's just a photo I took of the ice storm at our farm--Bad Beaver--in Ellsworth on Friday, 12/27/13.

I have a young friend who had the first baby to be born at my birth center, Longmeadow Farm Birthing Home. It was a true honor to be able to attend her and it was a great birth. I remember a fabulous quote from her during her labor. When she was in transition, she was […]

Baby Sam, A Christmas Story

Midwife Carol Leonard and Sam Carpenter, circa 1993

I had been asked to be a guest speaker at the University of New Hampshire’s nursing course “Making Babies.” This is a wildly popular class, probably due to the number of topics that explore sexuality. This current class was huge, about 250 students, and they were all present on this day before the Christmas break […]